Clinical Governance at Rosewood

Implemented to support safe, quality clinical care for all residents.

What this means for our residents

Ongoing evaluation of care outcomes assists us in achieving a holistic personalised approach and to strive for excellence in clinical care based on best practice.

We work closely with residents to enable them to have the best possible care. We provide them the opportunity to have real choice and control, and to make decisions that shape their lifestyle and the care they receive. We communicate and develop close relationships with residents and their representatives in order to understand what’s important to them regarding their care and health.

We have systems in place that support residents’ rights to take risks whilst providing safeguards to minimise any deficits in our care delivery processes. We welcome and support residents and their representatives to provide feedback on their experiences of care so that it can be used to improve care and the resident’s experience.

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The Framework

Our Clinical Governance Framework defines the principles, structure and processes that underpin safe, quality clinical care and continuous improvement.
Rosewood maintains effective communication and relationships with our residents and stakeholders, whilst keeping abreast of external influences and best practice enabling the six domains of Rosewood’s Clinical Governance Framework:

  • Leadership and Culture
  • Consumer Partnership
  • Clinical Practice and Innovation
  • Systems and Risk Management
  • Workforce
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Each domain contains multiple integrated processes. These work together to ensure all aspects of a resident’s care are delivered in an environment of transparent responsibility and accountability.

Clinical Governance Oversight

It is the primary role of a Clinical Governance Committee to be responsible for oversight and to actively monitor the performance of the six domains that make up the Clinical Governance Framework. The Clinical Governance Committee reports to the Board who retains accountability and responsibility.

The Clinical Governance Committee is made up of board members, Rosewood’s Executive and senior clinical staff members. The effectiveness of this Framework is reviewed annually.

To find out more, contact us or phone us on 1300 971 771.

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Our Philosophy

Rosewood Residential Care Facilities are committed to providing the best possible care for the aged.

Our Mission is to enhance the life of older people through the delivery of a high standard of care in a sustainable manner by creating an environment that

  • Creates a sense of belonging
  • Fosters respect, dignity and compassion
  • Empowers and ensures equality
  • Embraces diversity; and
  • Promotes safety and harmony