Visitors Update – 4th May 2022

Rosewood continues to protect residents and staff in the current COVID-19 situation.

The current Western Australia Visitors to Residential Aged Care Facilities Directions (No 12) can be found here

COVID-19 Vaccinations

With the COVID-19 mandatory vaccination requirements in place for Aged Care Facilities from 31 January 2022, please be aware you will need to show proof of vaccination before you are allowed to enter the facility for any visits or tours.

From 31 January 2022, no one can enter an Aged Care Facility unless they are fully vaccinated as per the State Government mandatory regulations.The current Western Australia Proof of Vaccination Directions (No 6) can be found here:

Influenza Vaccinations

The 2022 influenza vaccination is now reasonably available. It is a requirement under the Visitors to Residential Aged Care Facilities Directions for visitors to show evidence of a current influenza vaccination. Please ensure you obtain the current influenza vaccine and provide evidence to Reception when visiting.

Visiting Restrictions

The current visiting arrangements are as follows:

• anyone aged 16 years and over must show evidence of being “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19 to enter residential aged care facilities
• all visitors must have up to date influenza vaccinations (the 2022 influenza vaccine is now available)
• no access if a person is informed they are a close contact in the preceding 7 days
• no access if the person has any symptoms
• no access if the person is positive for COVID-19
• no access if the person exited isolation less than 7 days ago
• negative rapid antigen test result prior to entering
• masks must be worn by all visitors from year 3 upwards

If you have symptoms, please do not visit our facilities. If you develop symptoms after visiting one of our facilities, please go and get tested and advise the facility you are experiencing symptoms and awaiting test results. This will provide Rosewood with time to implement our COVID-19 outbreak management plans to
ensure the resident who you were with can be tested and reviewed immediately.

Please remember all visiting must occur within the resident’s room or in outdoor areas away from other people (not in common indoor areas) and a mask must be worn.

All staff are being tested with rapid antigen tests every 24 hours. Visitors are required to be tested on each visit. Residents and staff are not moving between floors where not necessary.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support in responding to the changing visitor requirements and for everyone’s cooperation and dedication to keeping our residents safe.

Facetime bookings will become available if the facility goes into lockdown.

FaceTime Bookings