Visitors Update – 10th November 2022

The WA State Government has ceased all the Emergency Covid-19 legislation requirements and has returned the responsibility of these back to the Aged Care Provider.

This means as an Aged Care Provider Rosewood has the duty of care to protect and be vigilant in protecting our most vulnerable residents who live in, and our staff who work in, our two facilities.

At present in Western Australia there are 44 homes with active Covid outbreaks. Covid-19 is still circulating in the community and new waves of Covid-19 infections and new variants are likely to emerge. We also note an increasing number of asymptotic visitors (and staff) and have therefore initiated twice weekly RAT testing of all residents. We continue to risk assess and test and isolate residents who have been close contacts or have visited high risk areas such as hospitals.

It is vital that we continue to take steps to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on those at higher risk from
severe disease by staying up-to-date with, and implementing the following safe guards. We trust that we have your continued support to keep our residents, visitors and staff safe.

Visiting Rosewood Facilities:
o Four (4) visitors per day per resident (maximum of two at any one time for up to two hours each visit) during our visiting hours, for the purpose of a care and support visit to any single resident.

As always in end of life situations we will work with residents and families to be as flexible as possible, still keeping front of mind the safety of all who live and work at Rosewood.

Visitors must continue to:
o Sign in on entry.
o Wear a mask, supplied by Rosewood, for the duration of the visit.
o Provide proof of Covid-19 (at least two doses) and current Influenza (Flu) 2022 vaccinations.
o Show evidence of a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) on the day of visiting, test kits are available at reception.
o Have a temperature reading of below 37.5 degrees.
o Must have no symptoms such as cough, cold, sore throat, fever, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath or gastrointestinal (vomiting and /diarrhoea).
o Practice social distancing.
o Visit only in your residents room or open outdoor areas and not in shared internal communal areas.
o Follow any instructions from staff during the visit.

Visitors who have a positive RAT/PCR test must stay away for 7 days and visit only on day 8 if they
are asymptomatic. Whilst no longer mandatory to report positive results we encourage you to continue
this practice.

Visitors who are considered a close contact or are caring for someone with Covid-19 should not visit the
facility for seven (7) days (only visiting from day 8 if asymptomatic).

o Children under 5 years, may only visit in exceptional circumstances, with a risk assessment conducted by the clinical team, and with approval of the CEO. We suggest you discuss this request in advance with the Operations Manager to avoid disappointment if we are unable to permit/support the visit.
o Children 5 years and older may visit the facility if they have received two Covid-19 vaccinations and a Influenza (Flu) Vaccination for 2022 and vaccination evidence is provided.
o A responsible parent shall enter child’s details on register/declaration form, children are included in the maximum visitor numbers per day.
o They must wear a facial mask.
o Provide a negative RAT test, be under the direct supervision of a Rosewood staff member and be able to follow the guidelines for all visitors as listed above.

We have had a number of queries in relation to Christmas celebrations this year. Unfortunately at this
time, we are unable to commit to large functions onsite, however will have a special lunch planned by
wing/floor prior to Christmas and, depending on the Covid situation, we hope we may be able to facilitate
one guest per resident (at a small fee). When we have the details of these lunches confirmed we will be
in touch.

I can also confirm residents who remain in the facility on Christmas day will get a Christmas themed lunch.

A reminder to let the team know if your loved one will be out over the festive period including Christmas
day (with approx pick up and drop off times). Please note we will be unable to accommodate requests to
bring residents to reception. Please collect residents from their rooms/wing and return them back here.

An appeal in advance for your support and patience especially on Christmas day as our staff endeavour
to get anyone who is going out ready in time and continue to provide care of all our residents.

The health and wellbeing of your loved one continues to be our priority and our staff protocols and risk
controls are in place to mitigate risk of transmission by staff where possible, these include having a
negative RAT test prior to shift, health screening, wearing masks, managing close contact exposures and
a range of infection prevention and control measures.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the relevant facility’s Operations Manager:
• Acting Leederville Operations Manager: (
• West Perth Operations Manager: Vanda Liga (

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Warm regards
Michelle De Ronchi